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Florida Divorce Forms

Form 12.901(a)-Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
If both spouses have agreed to the divorce, have no minor children or baby on the way and have agreed about how they will divide their debts and assets, Florida has made the divorce process very simple. This process helps the participants to end their marriage without the hassle of litigations. This states provides form 12.901(a). The alimmony must also be waived, the right to appeal or trial and participants must also sign their petition together.

Form 12.901(b)(1),(2),(3)-Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
In general, divorces in Florida will require a standard petition for dissolution of marriage. Florida offers three options: Form 12.901(b)(1) which applies to individuals who have children together, Form 12.901(b)(2) which applies to individuals who share property but have no children and Form 12.901(b)(3) which applies to individuals who have no children or property.

If an individuals files for the standard dissolution of marriage, they must print out and complete a summons. It must be filed along with their petition. The summons informs an individual that their spouse has filed for divorce and that he or she has 20 days to answer the petition. When the petition and summons have been filed on the spouse, the filing individual must serve him or her with a copy. The state of Florida does not allow the individual to deliver these documents themselves. The sheriff has to this or a private process server can be hired.

Form 12.902(b),(c)-Financial Affidavit
After the individual has filed a petition and served it to their spouse, they have 45 days to complete the financial affidavit if they are seeking a standard dissolution of your marriage. This form asks for information about employment, income, monthly expenses, liabilities and assets. If the individual’s income is less than $50,000 per year then they are to use form 12.902(b), otherwise they should use form 12.902(c).